Knitting in the Round ...Question??

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Hey guys,

After 25 odd years of knitting sweaters, piece by piece, I've finally tried knitting a top-down raglan in the round. I've got to say I may never go back to the old way again. It's fast (finished in two weeks), relatively simple, and the results were great, plus no seaming...gotta love that.

Anyhow, do any of you have a formula, or trick for converting regular stitch patterns to patterns that can be knit in the round...if so I'd love to know what they are. I don't want to knit every sweater in just straight stocking stitch if I can avoid it.

Thanks in advance for your help.
Hope you're having great holidays.



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This past year I learned to

This past year I learned to knit circular seamless garments using the Elizabeth Zimmermann percentages method (as found in "The Sweater Workshop" by Jacqueline Fee). These are bottom-up raglans. I use the percentages method all the time now. But, I found the raglan style limiting so I added steeks and cutting to my skills and now I can knit about any jumper I want just with these techniques. I agree with you: I will most likely never knit another jumper flat or from a commercial pattern again. As Mike says, you only have to convert the WS rows in a pattern to adjust for circular knitting.

My knitting is totally tubular!

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Many thanks for the help

Many thanks for the help guys! I wasn't expecting such quick response.

Any pattern that has a purl

Any pattern that has a purl row or knit row between the rightside rows is easily converted to circular knitting: Let's say that the pattern happens on the RS and your purl rows happen on the WS. When knitting this in the round, simply knit those WS rows, since that's what the backside of a purl stitch looks like anyway.

Conversely, if it's a purl-faced RS, knitted WS, you'll just purl the WS row for the same reason as above.

Clear as mud? Write me . . .

~Mike in Tampa (who has just GOT to get out those 17" DPNs and start that gansey . . .)

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And The Knitting Fiend has a

And The Knitting Fiend has a series of articles on top-down Arans here

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Woolworks has a custom fit

Woolworks has a custom fit top down raglan sweater calculator they say will work with any stitch etc you want.

It does require gauge swatching of course...