Ok, Ok......

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....alright already!

For those of you who asked, the East Texas Christmas saga has just been posted on my blog texknitter.blogspot.com. complete with more pics from the weekend. For those of you who just don't care, you probably shouldn't anyway and I probably wouldn't blame you if you didn't.

And Mike.... the Algonquin, with the exception of just a few, embraced me dearly. There is one in particular that you know literally charms the pants off me!

All I know is my accent was a heck of a lot thicker when I returned.

Happy New Year y'all.



Oh, Jeeeezzzzz Have you

Oh, Jeeeezzzzz

Have you picked out China yet . . . ? =^D

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Honey, I told you I was in

Honey, I told you I was in East Texas.. you don't pick out china... you pick out 'Chinette'. Such pretty patterns too!

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PS... that pic was taken at

PS... that pic was taken at a very libatious Christmas party on the 16th. God help us all!