I am always asking questions ...

Okay, so I was just playing around on Etsy.com and I found this:


I want ... no NEED to knit this... now, I am not good at finding patterns ...

can anyone help??




Ok. Forget EVERYTHING I wrote for direction. Go to Mario's MadKnits website. It's a whole lot easier if you don't mind not having the felted look.

~Mike (who will now just crawl back into his little den of cluelessness . . .)
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why? your instructions were

why? your instructions were great and I think the felted is much the better way to go.

MMario - I don't live in the 21st Century - but I sometimes play a character who does.

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some more sushi at

some more sushi at MagKnits

MMario - I don't live in the 21st Century - but I sometimes play a character who does.

Hmmmmmm . . . Well, if you

Hmmmmmm . . .

Well, if you MUST knit them, it shouldn't be tooooo hard.

You'll need to use DPNs and if you plan on felting them (and I would) you'll need to use 100% wool. The 100% merino that is sold at Wally World or Michaels or Franks will be perfect at around 3 clams/ball.

Let's see: A real sushi round is about 1.5 inches in diameter and about an inch high. So, I'm guessing the unfelted size should be somewhere around 3 inches in diameter and 1.5 inches high.

Bottom Disk:
Using white sport weight merino, cast on 8 sts. Divide onto 4 DPNs (2 per needle), join. Place a marker between the first and second stitch on N1. *K1, knit f & b next st.* till you get back to the beginning. 16 sts. K 1 round. Repeat these two rows until your disk measures 1 row shy of 3 inches.
Bind off: k2, pass 1st st. over 2nd st. k1, pass 2nd st. over 3rd st., etc.

Top disk:
Make another one except with a different beginning: starting off with light green, cast on really loosly 3 sts. Knit 3 rows. Switch to darker green, k 3 rows. (You'll have to decide how generous you want your wasabi to be.) Now, pick up 3 sts. on either side skipping every other st. and the 3 sts. on the cast on end. You'll have 12 sts. divided onto 4 needles. Using white yarn, knit the first round fairly tightly which will cause your wasabi to 'bump up'. Then, knit around, increasing every other row just as you did on disk #1 until you get to your three inch diameter.

Nori Wrap:
Using the dark brown (for a Edomae nori wrap or dark purple for a Dashi Kombu wrap) cast on 4 -6 sts or however many it takes to equal 1.5 inches across. K stockinette (k 1 row, p 1 row) until this mini-scarf equals about 9.4 inches, if my memory of Pi calculations is right. You can always eyeball it. Bind off.

Either leave the parts unsewn and felt then sew, or:
Graft the 'scarf' onto the top edge of the bottom disk and then graft the two ends of the 'scarf' together. Graft the rice/wasabi disk on top leaving about a half inch ungrafted.

At this point you have a decision to make and I don't know the answer. Either throw the thing into the washing machine set to really hot water and the Torture cycle and let it felt until it's the way you want it. OR:

Stuff with poly fill (about 2 bucks for a 456 pound bag at Michaels), finish sewing it up and then felt it as above. If you do the latter, I'm guessing that you'd have to not fill it so full since the sushi is going to shrink up. Probable better to felt it first then stuff. Just like you'd do to a date on a Saturday nigh . . . . uh, well never mind.

The first one you do should be regarded as your Sample/Sacrificial Sushi. You'll learn from it.

Anyway, if I was going to do it, that's the way I'd attack it. But, whadduh I know ???

Beste Gruß,
~Mike in Tampa
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Thank you SOOOO much! time

Thank you SOOOO much!

time to stop everything else and get to this!!!

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nitpicking....(because otherwise the instructions are reely reely good)

*K1, knit f & b next st.* till you get back to the beginning. 16 sts.

if you do this starting the round with 8 stitches you only end up with 12 stitches at the end of the round, not 16.

you want to increase 8 stitches every other round or 4 stitches every round -- for a flat circle.

MMario - I don't live in the 21st Century - but I sometimes play a character who does.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Mario the Magnificent!

(See? This is why I shave my head. I am the poster boy for the "Dumb Blond" . . .)

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it is needle felted. There

it is needle felted. There is a specific tool, kind of like a collection of barbed sewing needles that you repeatedly stick into wool fibers. The movement, friction, etc of the needles felt the wool...I has nothing to do with knitting. Most good craft stores sell needle felting kits. Good luck.

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i found this:

i found this: http://www.plainmabel.com/ckshop.php?item=1251 which i believe is needle felted, not knit.... that's all i've got so far, but i'll keep my eyes peeled!