Thanks Rain City Rick

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Hey, I had a blast doing the secret santa. I hope eveyone did. It was fun thinking of what to do, wrapping it up, braving the crowd at the mail store. Then every day I waited with anticipation, wondering, will my package come today! It was great. I had a blast and I think we should do it every year. Thanks again Rick.


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My pleasure ... both for

My pleasure ... both for suggesting the Secret Santa event and imagining hand-cancelling some of Chris Vandenburg's stamps! ;-)

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That's because I am

That's because I am insisting the US Postal Service 'hand-cancel' each and every one of those stamps and it's feeling pretty good.

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I be there as soon as I can.

I be there as soon as I can. The post office is still trying to figure out how many stamps to put on me!