No offense Mr. Grand

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Your afghan is great but I am going to write anything and everything to get your huge pics to drop down. It's driving me nuts. Again, no offense.

Once upon a time there was this little divorced Texas boy with an affinity for bourbon. He was a part of this knitting group on the internet constantly talking with other knitters that live in the 'suburbs' of Texas; meaning any other state.

This boy was a good boy even when he was a little boy in pigtails. He always makes his bed. Opens doors for strangers and always finishes all his bourbon as he realizes his mother was always right when she told him that there are 'sober children in China' that would give their arm for a good sour mash.

(damn I have no idea where I am going with this)

This boy also was possessed with a a good heart. When one of his friends asked, "Why do you keep all these dead bourbon bottles around?" His response was, "Because I was with them when they died".

(I still dont know where I am going with this)

Many people berated this boy for his relationship with Makers Mark, telling him that he only drives home the way he does to pass that one particualar bar. Being the good boy he is, he responds, "I NEVER pass a bar and you know it!".

(Is this enough yet?)

After many a "Lost Weekend" and obtaining a dog named "Little Sheba" His human friends began to make daily calls to AAA to see if they had towed in a drunken boy.

And all lived in harmony forever.


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Bourbon and I have had a

Bourbon and I have had a long relationship a long time ago. Now it's just vodka (Svedka) for me these days.

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hmmm. bourbon makes one

hmmm. bourbon makes one kind of green. stick to Carson McCuller's drink of choice: "Sonny-Boys" hot tea sweetened with Sherry.(*lots of heart-healthy antioxidants, y'know.*)

this from the guy who got hammered on PAMA pomegrante liquer-spiked Cranberry Sierra Mist while watching Wedding Wars (*yes, i'd kiss john stamos, now.*)

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Fantastic story, can't wait

Fantastic story, can't wait for part 2!


I knit

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Does that mean you want me

Does that mean you want me to make it a 'double'??

Well I'm on the Biblical system... ask and ye shall recieve!

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Wouldn't it have been so

Wouldn't it have been so much easier just to have gone to the "recent posts" page? On that one the big pics don't show up.

but then, we wouldn't have been able to read your rambling fantasies about GC's big pecs pics.

And what is this about you living in Harmony? Isn't that south of where you are?

MMario - I don't live in the 21st Century - but I sometimes play a character who does.

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Oh why take the easy way out

Oh why take the easy way out all the time?

And honestly Mr. Mario, you never have to read anything I write. Just skip me.

And Harmony aint south of me. We have harmony grits every morning for breakfast! Who doesn't?

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OH MY GOD! Harmony grits!

OH MY GOD! Harmony grits! I had forgotten completely about that stuff. I used to have it with brown sugar and butter. (Save the milk gravy for the biscuits). Oh...but I don't have it for breakfast anymore. I had a sandwitch of homemade sprouted wheat toast with hummus, organic spinach and eggs from my next door neighbor's chickens. I love living out on an agricultural island. LOL. Finishing off the last of the apples from this year's crop. Next year, I swear I'm putting up preserves.

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skip your posts? I don't

skip your posts? I don't *think* so! Enjoy them, thoroughly!