Any Bi-lingual Knitters?

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Tonight I am teacing my first bi-lingual knitting class. Mi espanol es muy Basic, but I have a worksheet with basic terms & whatnot from a back-issue Knit.1.

I was wondering if anyone knew of links to other resources/websites I can give to mis estudiantes.

Aside from a few Japanese pattern sites, I have never really thought about foreign patterns, but I am sure they have to be out there.

Since I am teaching in Texas, it would brobably be a good idea for me to brush up on knitting en espanol. Anyone know if spanish pattern books can be ordered on-line?

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Soy bilingüe pero nunca he

Soy bilingüe pero nunca he visto ningún libro en castellano sobre el tejer. Debes buscar en Amazon or Barnes y Noble. Tienen una sección de "libros en español" y puede usar la palabra "tejer" como la palabra buscar. Buena suerte.


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Thanks Guys!!! I was able to

Thanks Guys!!!

I was able to print some of these online resouces, and (fortunately) her english was better than she first let on.

Between the two of us, we were able to work thru the basics for her garter scarf.. and she signed up for my next two classes, so she must have had a good time.

Thaks again for all the quick help!


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Aquí hay

Aquí hay otra:

Esta página presenta algunas instrucciones muy básicas con dibujos. Buena suerte con tu clase.

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Hi Justin, Lion Brands web

Hi Justin,

Lion Brands web site.

See you Monday, hopefully,


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Try this

Try this website:

My knitting is totally tubular!

I teach English as a Second

I teach English as a Second Language, so good luck to you! Aside from those basic charts of terms, I have never seen any Spanish pattern books. There must be something out there, though. Maybe if you went to a Peruvian wool website (like for Malabrigo or Manos, they might have some information for you. Sounds like it could be exciting.
Buena suerta!!