Another Strange But True

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We changed the location of our Dallas knitting group, "Fruits and Fibers", to my bar for the first time last month.

My boss really got into the meeting and picked up a pair of needles and spent the night casting on and got the 'bug'.

Our next meeting is Monday and today Bruce, his partner, and this is true, turned to me and said, "I have got to go out and get Mike a pair of 'beginner' needles"; he was serious. (Bruce, that's what you get for growing up in Odessa)

I almost fell off my bourbon.


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Ok... all of this reminds me

Ok... all of this reminds me of a couple of "Burns and Allen" jokes....

Gracie: My uncle fell down the stairs with two bottles of liquor last night.

George: Did he spill it?

Gracie: No, he kept his mouth shut.

The next one is where she is speaking of a bartender she had dated before she married George.

Gracie: Yes, he was so nice and thoughtful. Every night when he got off work he would bring home something for my mother.

George: What did he bring her?

Gracie: Father

"Needling Blamed for Yarn :

"Needling Blamed for Yarn : coming up next!"

~Der Geezer von Tampadorf

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Male knitters take over

Male knitters take over Texas. "story at 11!"

Well apparently they've

Well apparently they've already smacked up Portland, so they have to expand! :-)

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Yep Gryph Portland seems to

Yep Gryph Portland seems to be the 'mecca' this year!

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No problem there for Chris,

No problem there for Chris, he would catch the Bourbon in his mouth on the way down.


Who has no problem finding the bottom of a glass. Properly chilled, I'd drink turpentine.