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Yesterday, I had to rip out 54 rows of a shawl I am knitting!! Somehow I had managed to reverse the back to the front at about row 54 and only realised at row 108. Not happy.

I haven't used a lifeline with this shawl because the yarn is heavier (laceweight wool) than my last cobweb scarf, and the stitches don't fall off the needles as the cobweb did.

We've just had two days of 35C and 38C temperatures, so nothing else to do but sit inside and knit or read.

Happy Thanksgiving to all the American MWK.


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My partner is anti

My partner is anti air-conditioning because of the effect on the climate, but I'm thinking of having it installed in one room where I can knit and read.

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How on earth do you knit in

How on earth do you knit in the heat? Ugh! (Says Bob, who is feeling the effects of a little overindulgence in the Thanksgiving holiday).

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I think after 54 rows I

I think after 54 rows I would have made the reversal a "feature"

MMario - I don't live in the 21st Century - but I sometimes play a character who does.

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I hope you're knitting in

I hope you're knitting in the airconditioning. For those who don't do the conversion. 38 degreesC is 100.4 F. Yikes. Drink lots of lemonade.