What Y'all Doing For Thanksgiving?

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Just a quick note to say Happy Thanksgiving to all of you on this site. I've been on here for eight months now and have developed some great friendships and I'm eternally grateful for each and everyone of them. Some we will have to consumate sometime. YES!

May your holiday be one of comfort and love.



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Hey, Chris . . working in

Hey, Chris . . working in the afternoon/night, so taking it easy around the house in the morning. We got slammed with a strong nor'easter, and now it's still damp and colder, so home is a good place to be. Will also be contacting many friends throughout the day. I hope your day is GREAT!


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turkey is in the oven; most

turkey is in the oven; most of the side dishes are prepped and ready to be cooked or re-heated; ingredients for a "brunch" ready to whip up -- combo brunch/appetizers as we don't know when the Philly contingent will arrive - it's a little over 5 hours - if they get out of Philly w/ no problems.

Thanksgiving eve is big in this household - a hot artichoke and cheese appetizer, then Tortellini in brodo; mixed field greens; cranberry orange nut bread; and to top everything off - chocolate bread pudding with hard sauce.

T-giving has devolved upon me over the years - we used to split the cooking four ways (me, b-i-l, sister, and his mom) --but it *is* one of the simplest meals to prepare and serve. Creamed onions are out this year and balsamic glazed in; and I didn't let b-i-l make the cranberry sauce so I don't have a scorched saucepan and stovetop to clean.

MMario - I don't live in the 21st Century - but I sometimes play a character who does.

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Alas, we don't celebrate

Alas, we don't celebrate "Thanksgiving" here in Australia, perhaps some of the guys who knit could get together and do so.

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you impress me with your

you impress me with your consideration and well wishes - :) we have 25-30 people coming over for dinner tomorrow - today we are having new carpet put in two rooms - and when I get home (finishing up work now) we will begin setting up tables, etc. It will be a grand time - (of course, all I want to do is sit in bed and knit!)

Have a safe Thanksgiving!


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The Portland Gay Men's

The Portland Gay Men's Chorus always has a Thanksgiving potluck for members who aren't going anywhere else for the holiday. I always arrive late (darn it) but I always arrive. I am making a jam cake, rugelach, and roasted squash and root vegetables. (with fresh veg and rosemary from my own garden, oh yes, and applesauce from my own trees! Now if only I had a recipe for underripe figs.... :(

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what is it with underripe

what is it with underripe figs? I've seen requests for recipes for underripe figs on three different forums I belong to...and as far as I can tell - there AREN'T any recipes for under-ripe figs except "feed them to the hogs"

MMario - I don't live in the 21st Century - but I sometimes play a character who does.

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Figs are one of those trees:

Figs are one of those trees: I love em, and I've only seen one tree that was a terrific producer of fully ripened figs: It looked like it was COVERED WITH TESTICLES. (Best yet, it was owned by a lesbian who hated the look and taste of them). My own fig tree gave me it's largest harvest yet: I must have eaten about 30-40 figs throughout the season, about 2-3/day earlier this summer, but now, it must have twice that in unripened little knobs sitting forlornly on the bare branches. Too sad.

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Michael's mother has retired

Michael's mother has retired and moved to Florida so we're cooking the family Thanksgiving dinner this year. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potates and everything. And since it's an Italian family, a lasagne too!!!

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Arron, Save me a spot....


Save me a spot.... and I don't mean at the dinner table. You have a great one my friend!

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There's always room for you

There's always room for you Chris!

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I"m lucky enough to get to

I"m lucky enough to get to work! Yeah! :-( Not. Anyway, I hope it won't be too bad. i"m already depresssed about it!


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Robert, I'm so sorry you


I'm so sorry you have to work. I do also but only until 1pm. Get your Sooner buns down here and I will cook for you!

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Lars, Banana Cream is a


Banana Cream is a great choice. Screw the traditional stuff. As much as I like traditional this is not the year for it for me!

Lars, you know how much I feel about you so you guys have a wonderful, wonderful Thanksgiving.

Love ya!


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Wah! you never invite me to

Wah! you never invite me to dinner, and I even told you how cute Ollie was AFTER I met her.