FO & Semi-FO

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I finished a hat tonight for one nephew and a sock for another nephew for Christmas. Since the sock is the first of a pair, I'm considering it a semi-FO. I discovered a bit late that I had made the foot an inch too long. As it's a toe-up sock, I ended up having to pick up stitches in the foot and rip from the toe up to the stitches, then reknit the toe. Took a bit of doing, but it turned out okay. The only problem is that I'm too anal-retentive (yes, it is hyphenated) not to do an identical mate for it, which means premeasuring yarn for the toe, then provisional cast on at the foot.

Here's the sock before I grafted the toe:


and here's the hat:


The hat is brioche stitch to make it toasty for the Maine winter, and because it's for a 9 year old boy, it's Lion Brand Wool Ease for easy washability.


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They look great and you are

They look great and you are going to be the only person who knows what happened with the sock... well, other than us, but knitters secrets stay with us.

Reminds me of one of the ladies in my knitting circle who obssessed about if socks don't match. I yell at her; "Shirley, you've only knit 2 rounds! How can you tell they aren't coming out right? He's going to pull them on and shove his feet into his shoes. Just keep knitting!" Once we get her past the first inch she calms down and just knits, all turns out fine and the son-in-law loves his socks every time.

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The sock looks good but the

The sock looks good but the hat is really NICE! Good work!

It all looks

It all looks great!
Psst, hey, have you ever tried... *shhhh* toe-up socks?


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It is a toe-up sock, or at

It is a toe-up sock, or at least it was originally. By the time I figured out I'd made the foot too long, though, it was just easier to rip out the toe and redo that than to frog back over the entire heel and gusset and redo that section.

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Hi Mel, I really like that

Hi Mel,

I really like that hat!