Filati Men Special 5 Pattern Book

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I am searching for this pattern book from Lana Grossa wool company. None of their products are available in the southern hemisphere; I rang my contacts in the US but those stores do not have this book in stock.

I have the other Filati Men's editions and I like the patterns a lot. I wish I could order the wools locally.

I'm wondering if you guys would be on the look-out for this pattern book and let me know the details of the LYS which carries it so I can order it by phone. I would really appreciate any assistance here.


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Hey, what can you tell me

what can you tell me about Filati? From what I gather from your post there have been past men's editions. Very interested in knowing more...Thanks!

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I have never had the

I have never had the opportunity to use the Lana Grossa wools but I do have the past editions of the Filati Men's knitting pattern books. I really like their knitwear for men; the garments are contemporary and very European (stylish) in my opinion. I look through them for inspiration and am about to embark on my own version of a pattern that I like very much. There is a big difference between the Filati styles and those found in American pattern books. Have a look at their website.
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You might try emailing my

You might try emailing my friend

Morgaine is pretty resourceful with this stuff and might be of help.

Let her know that Stan from North Carolina from the MWK website sent you.


I've contacted a gal out in

I've contacted a gal out in California who carries it, I think. You might email her yourself:

Filati Fine Yarns
Sierra Meadows Plaza
4810 Granite Drive (Suite A10)
Rocklin, CA 95677

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Thanks. I rang and spoke

Thanks. I rang and spoke with them but this store no longer carries the Lana Grossa products.

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Here you

Here you go:,shop.flypage/product_id,1956/category_id,/option,com_phpshop/
Evelyn, the owner of Knitty-Noddy is amazing! You'll love her personal attention. She just emailed me the other day to let me know that #5 was in stock. Hope that helps!

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This worked! I emailed

This worked! I emailed Evelyn and placed my order. She says the stock has arrived in the US and she should have some copies in her shop soon. Thanks for letting me know about this website.

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