The hat that was and is no more!

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So I don't know if people use the term frog to express the fact that they have undone an item. Well this hat is frogged and has been recasted on bigger gauge and more stitches, poor me , my head is very big LOL. I may have more pictures by Monday. I will actually know if it is the correct gauge for my size in the next two or three hours. Thanks for stopping by.

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hehehe.... that is why you

hehehe.... that is why you do a gauge swatch! Once you know how many stitches you get over an inch, you can then reliably predict how many you need to go around YOUR head, or a child's, or anyone else. For a hat, you may want a bit of a snug fit, so reduce a couple stitches, according to your personal tastes.

And frogging is the right term for when you have to rip out a lot of knitting. When only un-knitting a couple stitches (or a whole row of lace knitting), we use the term "tink". See? it's spelled backwards!

But trial and error is another method that seems to be used quite a lot too. If it works, then use it.