The Tatoo that you asked about!

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Well here is the tatoo that I spoke of at the beginning of the year. It was done at Wizz Tattoo in Isla Verde, just diagonally accross from my old home of residence. It is in Klingon and it says

Honor, Heart and Klingon



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The Artist did not say much,

The Artist did not say much, he did not know what it was, so I eexplained to him what it was. It is my own design. His input was appreciated as I wanted something that he told me would not look good colorwise. Great experoence!

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That's pretty wild. What

That's pretty wild. What did the artist say when you asked him/her to tattoo in Klingon?

Anonymous graffito: My mother made me a homosexual. (and the reply) If I bought her the yarn, would she make me one, too?

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