Sweet Pea Baby Sweater

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Well, since I managed to figure out how to post pics, I'm going to post a couple. This was an Interweave pattern called Sweet Pea. The Yarn is Rowan Wool Cotton. The piece knit up fairly fast, but the pattern had some glitches. I do have a detail of the lace pannel taken when it was being blocked if anyone wants a closer look. A friend of mine asked me to make this for her niece...one of these days I will actually make something for myself.


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Navy colour? It looks

Navy colour? It looks purple on my monitor screen which just goes to show how monitors vary. However, that is a fantastic wee outfit and I really, really like the side buttoning front.

My knitting is totally tubular!

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Actually, it's a wine color,

Actually, it's a wine color, or closer to a dark rose.

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That's wonderful!!! although

That's wonderful!!!

although we usually think of pastels for small children...the navy really looks greatl on them...
I did a navy sweater for my grandson who's 18 months, now...