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Hey Everyone!

I am looking for a hat pattern. I have decided that it is time to make myself a hat ... it is getting rather cold here in Maine... but I don't really know what I'm looking for.

What would you suggest?



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Hi Doug, I bookmarked this

Hi Doug,

I bookmarked this link a while back for the Marsan watchcap: http://www.redlipstick.net/knit/martext.html. (shown on a woman, but it was knit for a guy). I plan on making that sometime this winter.


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Here's another hat

Here's another hat pattern.

I just found the pattern and haven't knitted it yet. But it looks interesting. However, I doubt it will be warm enough for you unless you knit it longer so it covers your ears.


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Half dome works well for me,

Half dome works well for me, but Sydney winters are nowhere near as cold as Maine ;-)

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Half dome hat is great. But

Half dome hat is great.

But I knit it in the round rather than using straight needles as the pattern notates so you don't have a seam. When the hat gets too small during the decreasing rows, switch to double points. And since I knit loosely, I had to drop down two needle sizes to get guage with the suggested Debbie Bliss yarn.


Well, there's always my

Well, there's always my favorite hat from the 16th Century - a breeze to knit, fun to wear, and if you have any friends acquainted with H. Bosch, they'll PLEAD with you to get a copy. You'll be a living painting. Let me know if you want the recipe . . .

~Mike in Tampa (where the weather is proving the reason that we live here . . .)

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Here's a page of links to

Here's a page of links to hat patterns: http://www.knittingpatterncentral.com/directory/hats.php. Where in Maine are you? Kittery Point here.

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WOW! Those are great

Those are great links...
I think I'll try the entrelac hat...

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If you can fair isle, the

If you can fair isle, the free pattern from Hello yarn is a fabulous hat pattern, Google: "Hello yarn, we call them pirates"
This is what I am doing for Christmas\Hannukah\solstice, et. al.