saxon braid

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Just finished a sweater with a saxon braid running up the front. It was knit in a worsted weight - Briggs and Little wool from New Brunswick - and seemed to fly off the needles.

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I actually got the cable

I actually got the cable from See Eunny Knit. There are certainly many of these and also many Celtic braids as well. Yes, Kiwiknitter I have been a circ knitter for many years. This sweater started at the neck and the collar was picked up at the end. The person in the photo is a friend of mine - a Mexican living in Canada and I am a Canadian living in Mexico.

Beautiful cable! Though I

Beautiful cable! Though I maaaay be a little biased. (I designed a scarf aroudn the same one, I believe)

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I really like the way you

I really like the way you ran the cable all the way to the bottom hem instead of just to the top of the ribbing band. I think I'll give that a try in a future project. The collar looks nice and warm as does the entire jumper. If I remember correctly, you are a circ seamless knitter; is this done that way (looks like it to me)? The wool is gorgeous and compliments the cables nicely. And, finally, is that you in the photo?

My knitting is totally tubular!

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BEAUTIFUL~~~!! . . . . .

. . . . . . .
I love the complicated cables...but haven't done many of them...usually just the simple twist...
I'll have to find a project wth a really beautiful braid...