Autumn Harvest Socks

I call the colorway of these socks "Autumn Harvest"....changing leaves and ripening grapes. The yarn is "On Line Supersocke Neptun-Color"(#1680) The 459 yd, 100 gr ball easily allowed for these men's size 10 socks, with 10" legs....and plenty to spare. I think that this is the perfect combination of fibers for socks: 50% wool (for insulation and moisture wicking), 25% viscose (for silky smoothness), and 25% nylon (for strength and durability). They were lovely to knit and will be a pleasure to wear.

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nice, good color

nice, good color

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The socks are handsome. I

The socks are handsome. I have some beautiful sock yarn sitting in the stash waiting for me to decide to knit a pair.

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Those are awesome. I haven't

Those are awesome. I haven't dared enter the world of knitted socks.....yet!

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Those are great looking

Those are great looking socks, Eric. Congrats.

Try: Little

Try: Little usually have great sales on sock yarn and that is where I purchased this.

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love little knits... have a

love little knits... have a cousin who works downtown seattle who picks up orders for me, and then i retrieve them when i make it to that side of the mountains... seriously great deals and no shipping charges...

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Very handsome socks, Eric. I

Very handsome socks, Eric. I just went online to Webs and found Online yarn, but not that color. Is there a place with a larger collection of colors?