New Socks Started

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Evening All,

Lobsters in the Cathedral is progressing nicely. Back and 1/2 the front is done. I am going to be going to a bonsai convention with my son and needed a no brainer knit while he is driving. If gone to an old standby a sock pattern I picked up in 2007 from a skein from Colinette Yarns JitterBug. The knitting is simple and does not require counting. Here is the a picture of the first several rows of the rib band. Hope you all had a safe and fun holiday weekend. JRob

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What a delightful color

What a delightful color combination. I hope you enjoy knitting the socks.

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Oh I love jitterbug yarn!

Oh I love jitterbug yarn! What pattern are you doing?

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Love those colors! Socks are

Love those colors! Socks are so easy to transport while traveling. Good choice. I am so eager to see the Lobsters in Cathedral finished.


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The yarn is beautiful. And

The yarn is beautiful. And there is nothing more satisfying than knitting socks. They adorn us, they warm us, and they make us feel good.

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Cheerful....that will be fun

Cheerful....that will be fun to knit!