Arkoudaki A Teddy Bear

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I have been working on this pattern for about two years. It is a one skein Bear. I used Pioneer, Lambs Pride Worsted, Cascade, and Rowan Tweed DK. I had the help from four of my friends to make it the way I wanted. They were the test knitters and gave me the feedback as to how to make the bear in the round and with different attributes than the patterns I have seen. Oh I also used my own handspun!

The Bears Collage Lomo

Just wanted to share as I published my pattern. Thanks for stopping by.


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Those are adorable! My

Those are adorable! My friends in Germany had a baby in Dec. I might have to make her one for her first birthday.

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I have a new Grand Niece

I have a new Grand Niece coming in a couple of months and have been thinking about knitting a bear. I will have to look at this pattern.

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These are great, Andy! Great

These are great, Andy! Great job on the design. Well done!

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Very, very cute!

Very, very cute!

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Very charming animals. I have

Very charming animals. I have never knitted an animal but ....... I could make an exception for these creatures.

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They are adorable, Andy! They

They are adorable, Andy! They are even more of a treasure because you spun some of the yarn yourself. I love 3D knitting, but have only gotten cubes/balls done so far. They were an exercise in learning intarsia knitting. I hope Ken in Maine sees these bears, he'll love them too!


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The photography of the

The photography of the crafted items is superb! It so difficult to get great detail and a stylist's eye for an emotionally-nuanced image of objects! Great job...not unlike projecting a personality onto a fireplug. Andy, great execution and you are gonna draw knitter's interest like crazy. Great work!

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So good to see you back on

So good to see you back on the site. Was beginning to think that your planter box summer vegetables were taking over your apartment. Trust all is well and that you are still knitting. John

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Thank You Mark!

Thank You Mark!