forgot the pic

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Here's the finished product

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Que linda! I've had my dog

Que linda! I've had my dog unravel my knitting before by accident! Good for you for trucking forward!

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Very nice.

Very nice.

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Lou, As always, your shawls

As always, your shawls are beautiful. I can't imagine having to not only picking up after your granddaughter ripped out a lot of the shawl, but then you had to untangle it all as well. I just went through that with a hank of yarn that didn't cooperate while winding it with a ball winder. I had to untangle a good bit of it. I persevered and finally got it done, but I almost lost my mind doing it. Imagine trying to undo dreadlocks! Yep, that bad.

Anyway, your color choice is always very attractive and I know someone will be kept nice and warm with the shawl. Kudos to you for making them for so many others.


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What a lot of extra

What a lot of extra work...but it really turned out very nice! I'm going to recommend this to my Mom who is looking for a shawl to make. I think this pattern is just about what she's searching for.