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WPA poster on display at the Smithsonian.


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We are going through this

We are going through this era in my American History 2 class, and I am really intrigued ny the at-home war effort, especially the knitting.

I just bought a copy of a the "Knit for Defense" pattern book on ebay. I planned to make some things for friends and family who are serving, but I figure the probably dont need a garter stich sweater in 120 degree heat.

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5 day forecast doesn't have

5 day forecast doesn't have tehran going above 75 degrees with nighttime temps in the mid to low fifties.

kabul doesn't manage to hit 70 in the daytime highs forecast and night temps into the lower 40's.


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Old war posters fascinate

Old war posters fascinate me. I love the scary graphics and even the lettering seems intimidating. Somehow, they manage to even make knitting seem cold and aggressive. I am stunned, shocked, and a little creeped out.