Brethren Socks Finished

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These were such fun to make. Millard did a great job with his pattern and instructions. I used Knit Picks Stroll Tweed Down Heather yarn, fingering weight, 65% Superwash Merino Wool, 25% Nylon, 10% Donnegal Tweed. I'm not someone who wants to fuss over socks after they have been made, so I chose this yarn because I can wash and tumble dry them. They are so soft right off the needles that they can be worn immediately. I will give mine a go round in the laundry tonight and they should get even more cozy. They are nice and warm because of all the cabling to capture and hold the heat. I reinforced the toe using a double strand of the yarn from the center pull.

Update: I just washed and dried these in the machine and they came out wonderfully well. They are so soft and warm; a great tribute to the yarn.


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Those tweedy cables look

Those tweedy cables look great! Nicely done!!

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Mark, your Brethern socks

Mark, your Brethern socks came out great! So you doubled the yarn for the toes? That's a great idea! I didn't do that with mine. However, as an afterthought, I am going to go back and weave extra yarn on the inside above my big toes. This is where my socks (handmade or not) always seem to wear through. I must wiggle my big toes a lot? LOL. Anyway, well done on these. May they bring you much warmth and comfort!

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Thanks, Ken. I took a chance

Thanks, Ken. I took a chance on the first sock to double up the toe yarn and I had enough. I may have had enough for the heel as well, so, like you, I will go back and weave in the remaining yarn there.

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Nice work, I really like the

Nice work, I really like the tweed yarn.
Machine washable is always a plus in my book.
They should keep your feet nice and warm next winter.

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Thanks Stephen. I agree that

Thanks Stephen. I agree that machine washable is a good thing for me. Most of the stuff I make for regular wear for my relatives and friends is of washable wool and/or blends.

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Look at you, CONGRATULATIONS! It is a great pattern!!! You did a great Job Mark

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Thanks, Andy. You inspired

Thanks, Andy. You inspired me, so a compliment from you is something special for me.

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Those turned out very nice.

Those turned out very nice. The slightly thicker yarn is great as mine were a bit loose due to what needle size I had to use for gauge. When I knit another pair, I shall go with a bit thicker yarn so I can keep the smaller needle. theory, anyhow.

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Thanks, Joe. I will be taking

Thanks, Joe. I will be taking them to the retreat, so you can see if you like the thicker yarn. I used a US2 circular needle.

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To get gauge I had to switch

To get gauge I had to switch up to a 3mm Size 2 and with the thin yarn, there is a bit of skin showing through the stitches. Still, I like the pattern and the socks fit pretty well and are nice for summertime.