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My mother-in-law just got rid of the last of her knitting stash and in it, was 50 grams of white angora. I think it is sock yarn weight, but I'm not sure. I have attached two photos, one next to sock (fingering) yarn and the other with the ball in my hand. I wear a medium glove. It certainly isn't worsted weight, but I'm not sure about DK. I have some sport weight that is similar but this is still a tad smaller. Which do you think it is? I tried #2 bamboo needles as I use for socks sometimes and it was just too tight. I am getting about 5st (stockinette) per inch with size US6 needles. When I switch to US8, I am getting about 4.5/in stockinette, but it's a looser knit. I think the US6 is a good size if I turn this into a hat.

Also, does anyone know what I can make out of 50g of angora that is this weight?



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Nice yarn. Larger needles to

Nice yarn. Larger needles to take advantage of the loftiness is a great idea. If the size 6 give you a fabric you enjoy, that's what I'd use. A cowl is an excellent idea, too.

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I like the idea of a cowl.

I like the idea of a cowl. Thanks for the suggestion.

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While the yarn itself looks

While the yarn itself looks like something approaching sock weight, I would recommend anything with a halo like this to be considered a significantly larger gauge yarn than it's actual diameter. I would agree with thinking of this as more sport or DK weight, even though the yarn is much thinner. A hat or scarf would be good, or maybe some wrist warmers, but angora has a tendency to shed, so just be aware. You could also use it to trim or accent a project made mostly of some other yarn, or you could carry a smoother yarn along with it, either in a blending color to just have some extra softness and halo, or in a contrasting color to create even more interest and visual texture. Also, my understanding is that angora has a tendency to be very delicate when wet and can grow quite a bit - much like alpaca - so I also recommend washing and blocking and swatches that might be necessary - like if you make a hat.

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Thanks for the information,

Thanks for the information, Amanda. Whatever I end up making, I don't want to to a test swatch and then wash it because I only have the one 50-g ball. I will certainly keep your suggestions in mind though. I am thinking something with lace, even though knitting lace is a bit daunting for me.


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A lace scarf might work.

A lace scarf might work.

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You could make a nice lace

You could make a nice lace cowl, something with airy and open. Of course socks are out of the questions, this will felt like crazy.

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I was thinking along the

I was thinking along the lines of something lacy. Having only done very simple lace, this might be the time to explore possibilities.

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I'm thinking it looks like

I'm thinking it looks like sock weight. Terry

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I think it might be as well,

I think it might be as well, Terry. I'll play around with it and see what I can figure out. I do like how it looks on US6. Since I don't have enough of it to make a pair of socks, I'll have to put some thought into it. Thanks for the suggestion.