Happy Easter (OT)

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Thought I'd share a couple of colorful pictures.

Josephs coat rose 1.JPG84.74 KB
Josephs coat rose 2.JPG84.74 KB
Josephs coat rose 3.JPG315.46 KB
For the Irish .JPG296.29 KB
Purple Iris 1.JPG306.41 KB
Purple Iris 2.JPG83.14 KB


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Gorgeous photos. Thanks for

Gorgeous photos. Thanks for sharing.

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Mark: My daffodils came and

Mark: My daffodils came and went in January. My tulips spent themselves out last week. However, my blood orange and lemon trees are in full bloom and the scent is delicious. John

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I love a climate when spring

I love a climate when spring happens in January! Next winter I will be in a warmer climate, with or without the wife. I will not do another winter like this one.

Anyone want a roommate from November 1 to April 1?


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Beautiful photos. The oranges

Beautiful photos. The oranges in the rose would make a good yarn. Our daffodils are up and blooming now. Yea!

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Thanks, The "Joseph's Coat"

The "Joseph's Coat" rose changes color as each bud matures. It always puts on a beautiful show.
Glad to hear about your daffodils, a sure sign Spring has arrived.