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Here is the Faggot Diamond Pattern from Mary Thomas's Book of Knitting Patterns (1943).

Is this close to what you are looking for? I think your sample has chain/traveling stitches that may cross differently at the top of the diamond but it is definitely close.

And here is a nice blog post explaining how this stitch was used for a pair of silk stockings for Queen Elizabeth I ("Queen Bess's Stockings"):

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Thanks for the stitch gallery

Thanks for the stitch gallery link:

The Knitting Fool has an excellent gallery also.

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This second one looks very

This second one looks very close - even exactly the same, except for the yarn/needle gauge.

Keep doing it for a bit, it's a simple lace stitch so it takes a little getting used to. But soon you'll recognize where you are in the stitch and where you should be (if the two aren't the same). ;)

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That's really pretty. I think

That's really pretty. I think I'll try that one too!

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Hi Brian, working with

Hi Brian,

working with your suggestion as a clue, I think i found a stitch that is even closer, called Lacey Diamond Stitch

i started to make samples, but kept getting messed up, and pulling it all out over and over again. Ach.. maybe i'll just stick to colorwork!
here's what i found

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Thank you so much. while not

Thank you so much. while not exact, it is very close. i will try to figure out from your example and explanation how to make a test swatch. fingers crossed!