Top Down Raglan

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Pattern: Hofsos Pullover by Stephen West
Yarn: Brooklyn Tweed Loft (Fossil, Woodsmoke, & Stormcloud)
Needles: US 7 & 8

Just completed my first top down sweater, and it wasn't quite as hard as I thought it was going to be. Loved the collar and knew I had to do it. The pattern was easy to follow, though the directions for the cable cast-on at the underarm appear to be out of order. It said to cast-on first, then slip stitches to waste yarn. I found this to cause a kink in the flow of the fabric. A quick internet search and reversing the instructions (slip stitches then cast-on) worked much better.

The yarn works up to a nice, lightweight worsted even though it's two strands of fingering worked together. However, this yarn is delicate, and single strands will break easily. I could simply place a strand between my thumbs and forefingers and tug to snap fiber at pattern color changes. (Brooklyn Tweed also makes a worsted in the same palette-Brooklyn Tweed Shelter)

I worked up a medium and had carefully calculated the yarn a couple of times. Even so, I found that I ran out of one color that was supposed have had 35 yards of leftover. Luckily, my yarn store had an ample supply of the same dye lot. So, if you buy the amount per the pattern, be sure you can get more if you need it.

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Looks really good on you!

Looks really good on you!

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Great looking sweater, love

Great looking sweater, love the colours.

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That's a beautiful sweater

That's a beautiful sweater and a great photo, Joe. Love it!

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Beautiful work! I fell in

Beautiful work! I fell in love with top-down raglans because you can try them on as you go. The collar is amazing, great for keeping warm in the chill of winter.


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Joe, Nice job. Love the

Joe, Nice job. Love the pattern and color choice. Bet it is coming in handy with the recent storm. JRob

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That is a nice sweater for

That is a nice sweater for you. Congratulations.

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I absolutely love this

I absolutely love this sweater. I've never attempted a neck-down pattern. This one may be the inspiration. looks good on you!