Another pair of socks...

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So this is quite a screwup - I'd started a pair of socks for my friend Shakir way before going to the US, and got waylaid. I finally finished them up and took a picture of him wearing them but accidentally had the movie camera function on. So I stopped the film at a good point and did a screen shot and that's what you're seeing here and it's my excuse for the piss-poor quality of the photo and the white triangle in the middle! ;)

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Very nice, Bob. I love the

Very nice, Bob. I love the orange color in the socks. I'm sure that he'll enjoy wearing them.


Anything with orange or reds

Anything with orange or reds in them is tops on my list. I have another pattern you used plan on using it on my next pair of socks. Hmmm video of wearing socks now thats new.

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They look like a perfect fit!

They look like a perfect fit! Nice job. Any particular pattern that you used?

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They're toe-ups, which

They're toe-ups, which accounts for the fit; he was there when I started them and I measured his foot to know where to start the gusset increases. My basic toe-up is from Denise's toe-up sock tutorial ( with a few changes. I use Judy's magic cast-on instead of Denise's, I like to use a seed rib (one round ribbed one round plain) when the yarn pattern won't obscure it, and for the castoff I just do a plain one with a slightly larger needle. I often do what I call the "Balikesir toe" (but it's used in the Balkans too and I've talked about it before here); these just had a plain symmetrical toe with increases on both sides every other round.

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Great color! You gotta love

Great color! You gotta love technology -- when it works! I'm sure that Shakir will wear them with pride!

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Hehe yeah...well it worked

Hehe yeah...well it worked fine but I didn't. :) I was just not paying attention!

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Well, despite the technical

Well, despite the technical difficulties, those look like a great pair of socks. I hope Shakir enjoys them a lot.