"Daniel" and extra large Fair Isle Hat

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A friend of mine loves acrylic yarn hats. I only make hats for him as it is a fun venue and I get to play with different synthetic yarns, specifically acrylics. I make hats for him and he does appreciates them a lot. This pattern is my own, "Daniel" it is brought up to 152 sts on worsted weight Paton's Canadiana. It s the kind of hat he likes and I am sure his Rasta hair will fit without problems.

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I am always amazed at the flexibility that hats allow for shaping and this hat is one of them.
Daniel XTra Large (3)
The Art piece behind is by Roberta Alexander. It is titled "Talk Green" from the Catalpa Series. Hope you enjoy the pictures and thanks for stopping by!
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Another successful project to

Another successful project to your credit! I really like the flexibility of the hat. As soon as I've finished the socks on my needles I am going to knit this. I wonder what colours I'll use...? Thanks for sharing your talents again with us.

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I always enjoy seeing your

I always enjoy seeing your creations. You have the brightest sense of style of anyone I know. I really love your color palette.


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Great hat, great knitter, and

Great hat, great knitter, and great painting. You definitely brightened my day, Andy.

Andy, that is brilliant. I

Andy, that is brilliant. I wonder what shape it will become when he tucks the dreadlocks into it.

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Andy...you continue to amaze

Andy...you continue to amaze me!