5-Day Sweater

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Pattern: Man's Ribbed Sweater by Rowan
Yarn: Lion Brand Thick and Quick, Super Bulky, Color 154 (Grey Marble)
Quantity: Seven 6oz (170g) skeins
Needles: US 15 (10.0mm)

Bought some yarn with a Michael's gift card I received for Christmas. I'm not a huge fan of synthetic fibers/blends, but Michael's has limited to no stock of 100% natural fibers in super bulky. The pros: big yarn and big needles made for a quick sweater. It only took five days (approx. 40 hours) to run this one up. The cons: it's an acrylic, wool, rayon blend.

This pattern is super fast and easy since it has minimal shaping and a dropped shoulder resulting in nice, straight seams when finishing. Would make a great first-sweater project. It's a free pattern from Rowan, so I assume it's okay to post here.

Recommended needle size was US 17 (12.0mm), but I found the fabric came out a bit loose and lifeless. So, ripped it out and started again with US 15, which produced a denser, springier knit without much difference in gauge.

Now I'm all ready for the next Arctic Vortex.

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Thanks guys.

Thanks guys.

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Very nice sweater, Joe;

Very nice sweater, Joe; especially the one of you wearing it! ;-)

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What a fun sweater! And you

What a fun sweater! And you look fabulous in it as well! I have some super bulky 80% acrylic and 20% wool I got from Lion Brand - Jiffy Thick & Quick that I used to make an afghan and I have enough for a sweater so this pattern might just do nicely. Thanks for the pattern and your notes!

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That worked up quite nice. I

That worked up quite nice. I can see why you dropped down a few needle sizes, otherwise it would definitely be too loose.

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Muy Excellente!

Muy Excellente!