Help, how to do an uneven edge

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My wife saw this hat on a. craft table and I'm trying to make her one, but I'm not sure how to do this edge. It's not exactly scalloped but not straight and even either. Any advice? Thanks.

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I stumble upon this pattern

I stumble upon this pattern and thought of you today. Perhaps it might shed some light on your quest.


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I''m not there yet but, I

I''m not there yet but, I believe it's Debbie Bliss who has a book on many many different types of edges.

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Joe I was thinking the same

Joe I was thinking the same thing when I looked at the project. However, I am not sure that the extra stitches would be needed. Go up one or two needle sizes and do a stretchy bind-off or Cast on. For the first row (maybe the second) return to pattern sized needle.

But then I'm a guy who knits, a guy who knits in public, a gut who knits in public kilted, and may have other undisclosed social problems.

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That's a possibility I never

That's a possibility I never even thought of. Makes sense, though. Still...the stitches look pretty uniform in size for the edge and the knitted piece. Now I'm considering getting out needles and yarn and experimenting.

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Thanks Joe, I'll have to

Thanks Joe, I'll have to investigate those possibilities.

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Not seeing it in person, I

Not seeing it in person, I can only make a guess...The hat was probably knitted from the top down with a very loose bind off that used extra stitches - similar to Jeny's Stretchy Bind Off - to create a ruffled edge. That would mean sections where the extra stitches are used, then regular bind off stitches to pull it in for the "valley" between the ruffle parts. Hard for me to describe, but I hope you get the idea.

If you wanted to do a similar effect from the bottom up - you would cast on extra stitches in each repeat section, then decrease them down to size on your first round. Say multiples of 5 with 3 extra stitches in each set = As you knit the first round you would *K1; K2tog [3x]; K1* around for a stockinette brim. If 1x1 ribbing = You'd K1; P2tog; K1; P2tog; K1; P2tog, etc.. I'm uncertain from the photo but my guess is that the brim isn't ribbed as the slight ruffle effect would be lost by the pulled in fabric.

Hope this helps.

ETA: Just had another thought - This could also be loom knitted. There is a cast on for circular looms that makes a similar ruffle edge but I can't be certain as I know very little about loom knitting. Only what I observed while watching a friend use one.