Sky Blue Turtleneck

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This is:
Oversized Turtleneck
by Bruce Weinstein
from Boyfriend Sweaters: 19 Designs for him that you'll want to wear

I made probably the worst mistake you could make when making something like this... I did not make a swatch. I paid for it! Next time. It still came out fine. Lesson learned.

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Swatching is important, but

Swatching is important, but gawd I HATE it! One thing that Elizabeth Zimmermann suggested in one of her books is to do a sleeve first. Especially if knitting in the round. That way you can use it as a gauge swatch, it's less knitting than the sweater body and if it's off only a little bit you still may be able to salvage the work buy knitting it a little longer etc or if frogging, you haven't lost as much time.

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Sounds Good! EZ! I will use

Sounds Good! EZ! I will use that! :-)

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I have learned that doing a

I have learned that doing a swatch is always a good thing. It does save time in the end, although we all think it is a waste of time. We just want to get started into the sweater right now! As long as we do it correctly, the swatch is very useful. But you can always start with the sleeve, since it is smaller, and use that as your gauge swatch.

But nice sweater! Looks like something someone would wear. And that, after all, is what we want.

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I Love your Cat in the hat!

I Love your Cat in the hat! :-) I will definitely keep the idea of doing a sleeve first in mind. Good idea. Thank You for your kind words.

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Lovely sweater, one of these

Lovely sweater, one of these days soon.

I frequently use the gauge from the skein as a start and then check after the first ten rows/rounds. I then adjust or frog. ( I am an amphibian knitter, I frog a lot)

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Thank You Cancunn! (I say

Thank You Cancunn! (I say while smiling!) That's good info! I like that "amphibian Knitter" (frogging a lot). I will remember. As a matter of fact I was frogging a new project last evening! LOL I was "Amphibious!" LOL I just have to get used to it...

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Lovely sweater. The color is

Lovely sweater. The color is very calming and it looks cozy warm! The book is available at my library and I just placed a hold on it. Thanks for the inspiration.
Well done.


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Thank you ihiker. I've had

Thank you ihiker. I've had this book for a while and have "finally" completed something from it and hope to do more.

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Bruce has a ravelry group...

Bruce has a ravelry group...
...and is very helpful.

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Thank You Bill, I'll

Thank You Bill, I'll definitely keep that in mind, that can be handy!

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Awesome job and beautiful

Awesome job and beautiful work. I'm looking forward to making my first sweater in the new year. It must feel so great to be able to make something like that. Inspiring work, Nehkhasi.

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Thank You Tom for your kind

Thank You Tom for your kind words and I look forward to you working on your sweater project, sharing your experience and your joy! :-)

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Great sweater. Is it for your

Great sweater. Is it for your boyfriend?? I always do a swatch and it seldom has any relationship to the sweater.

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Thank You Ron!

Thank You Ron!

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Nice looking sweater. A

Nice looking sweater. A swatch is a good thing but I'm glad it knit up nicely anyway.

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Thank You Joe! :-)

Thank You Joe! :-)