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This is my first attempt at socks. I made them about 5 years ago, before I knew anything about making socks, not that I know that much about them now. They are knit with a seam that must be sewn instead of in the round. LOL. I initially made these for my mother in law before finding out she didn't like pink. I instead made her the Beaded Teal Scarf in my projects and kept the sock for myself. They are made from a retro pattern of the 20's 30's or 40's

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Nice socks! I would never

Nice socks! I would never have guessed to look at them that they were sewn up rather than knitted in the round. BTW there are many traditional slippers in the Balkans and Turkey that are knitted flat and then sewn; it allows knitting in interesting angles that would be impossible in the round.

But don't be skeered of in the round, it actually is easier in a lot of ways. After all, you already change needles when you knit flat; in the round you just move on in the same direction, which means (almost) no purl rows. :)

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Skeered..... LOL I like that!

Skeered..... LOL I like that! I will attempt socks again probably as the hotter weather rolls around. Balkan and Turkey! That sounds adventurous! I was looking at your Hemshin! Very Cool! One day maybe, I'm moving forward and learning, but I wish I knew it all right now! LOL.... Anyway Thank You Bob! :-)

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I love to see hand knit socks

I love to see hand knit socks and it really doesn't matter how they are made. We each develop our own method. I hope you wear them - they're beautiful.

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Thank You Ron! I will

Thank You Ron! I will graduated to in the round socks. This was 5 years ago, when In the round was a foreign concept to me. I've see so many beautiful socks done here by so many and they are all so inspiring. :-)

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They are beautifully done.

They are beautifully done. The work is so uniform and exact. Lovely.

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Thank You ihiker. :-)

Thank You ihiker. :-)

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Those are very nice. I didn't

Those are very nice. I didn't knit socks for a long time because the only pattern I saw was for argyle socks from the 1940s and you had to sew them up...scared me so bad I didn't check into socks for several more years. Thank goodness even argyles can be knit in the round these days.

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Joe, You've got me laughing

Joe, You've got me laughing up a storm! LOL At the time I didn't even know what knitting in the round was! lol The yarn shop that I'd been going to told me very little. I found those socks the same way I found MWK and ravelry. I look on the internet and found a sight with free patterns and said "I'll give it a try." I haven't tried socks since, mostly because I'm into sweaters, but I will again maybe towards the summer months. I was thinking that to continue into the summer i'd need something light like socks or hats. It's always so rough for me to knit during the hotter months. Thank You,