oh my

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somebody designed and knitted these

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Bashful Nudist, now that's

Bashful Nudist, now that's funny.

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Just in the same category as

Just in the same category as the "muscle suit" that we saw on the internet a while back. I don't think I'd care to knit anything of that type but somebody's got to do it....I guess.

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They were quite

They were quite wonderful...and part of a PBS program a few years ago.
...during the "family hours"...certain parts of the outfits were blurred!
...later at night they weren't....

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Yeah. Not gonna lie here,

Yeah. Not gonna lie here, little disturbing. Not just for the simple fact that someone knitted those, but that they are taking a family picture while wearing them AND that one of the kids is, how we say, fondling the father there.