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Hello Gentlemen,

I've been pretty quiet for a while and I figured I say a little something to connect with everyone. First of all, I've been working on several projects, A lavender sweater that's been giving me a run for my money, a navy and white hoodie that is doing the same, a black turtle neck, and a multi colored ribbed turtleneck that must be completely frogged, due to the fact that it show every flaw I have and though I'm working at getting the extra poundage off, I don't see it disappearing today, tomorrow or next week. I'm not posting any picks right now.... procrastination. Performing renovation on the house that were long overdue. In total disbelief of what materials old houses are made of. By the way, when working with chunky yarn, how do you weave the ends in? My knitting has been off and on, but now it seems to be on. I had a good summer, but it's difficult to knit sometimes unless the air conditioner is blasting. I also been enjoying "The Fiber Factor" though it seems to move slowly at times. The "Wearable Art" challenge was cool, there were so really wonderful pieces. I hope that everyone is OK and hopefully I'll be posting again as before. Nehkhasi


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You sound as if you've been

You sound as if you've been very busy, and still have more to do. Whew!
I look forward to seeing your finished pieces, but works in progress (wip) are also very cool.

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Tearing walls out! Ugh! I

Tearing walls out! Ugh! I didn't sign up for this, but I know more now than I did when this place was purchased, so out they must go. There also seems to be more patterns than time. It seems I have no problem starting projects, but I have to push myself to finish them.

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Two bodies, One Mind! Wow,

Two bodies, One Mind!

Wow, Nehkhasi, I could have written your post! Well, not the specifics on projects . . . but, similarly, I have been struggling with some long-term projects and battling sweaters that highlight the "bay window" that I am trying to demolish and renovate! Please post some pics at least of progress . . . I'm a fan of your radiant avatar pic and have a feeling that you aren't afraid of vibrant color in your work. Wanna see and enjoy!

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Eventually I may should post,

Eventually I may should post, but with everything that's transpiring I'm feeling a little dazed for lack of a better term now. All I keep thinking is I need to finish something and I keep jumping from one project to another and not finishing anything. Right now I feel like I'm trying to sort it all out. Lavender sweater has back and front and no sleeves, Vibrant chunky purple cowl needs ends tucked in but the yarn is i cord and I'm not sure how to handle it, The black turtleneck has a body, but no shoulders, no sleeves and no turtleneck, and the Multi Colored Turtleneck is the same, The Navy and white hoodie is the closest to being done with a flap over a pocket, a front double hand pouch and weaving in of ends, but it's all swirling around in my head. Let's not even talk about the neglected stash. As far as renovations. I wish I had done this stuff 5 years ago before there was tons of furniture in here. Cart before the horse. As I dig my way out I feel better about this all.

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with chunky yarn...if it has

with chunky yarn...if it has twisted strands, you can separate the strands and weave each in with a sharp needle. I prefer s sharp needle to a blunt needle, because it allows me to pierce strands of yarn...then I'm pretty sure things won't come undone.
If your chunky yarn is a single ply...I often sew it down with matching sewing thread .

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I found that though the yarn

I found that though the yarn was chunky it still fit in the needle, imagine my surprise. Thank You again!

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Thank You Bill :-)

Thank You Bill :-)