Socks As The New "Tie" Accessory

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What happens when American acceptance of knitting machines to be carted off to Asia, knitting machine operator training fades into memory, and independent knitwear designers collide?

Check out this idea.


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That's GREAT! I just bought

That's GREAT!
I just bought a share...
My son is really into odd looking socks...but he doesn't knit.
...and they have to be cotton...

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Well, it is interesting.

Well, it is interesting. Still, I'd much rather stick to knitting up my own designs.

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No question about that,

No question about that, Joe...we share the same decision.

What sparks my post is the acceptance, embrace and trend of bolder colors and designs for mens accessories, led by designers who wish to follow the leadership of artisans who were always making their own way, creating their own ideas.

In not much time, I suspect there will be far more custom-made, machine knitwear at every level of our craft here in the US, all worshiped and heralded as something new. ::SIGH::

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How true...and yet more

How true...and yet more daring knitters have been pushing the edge. Unfortunately, no one really took notice in a serious way.