My first sock

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And another submission for JRob. Toe up, following the recipe in Cat Bordhi's Insouciant Sock Knitters book. Wondering if I'll be able to finish the foot part with the 50 gram ball I started with (size 14 feet). Using Pattons superwash dk.

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your work is so beautiful and

your work is so beautiful and evenly. I hope the wool is be enough:-)
nice color

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I like the toe shape as well,

I like the toe shape as well, mainly because I detest that damn Kitchener stitch that I ALWAYS mess up.

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I very seldom use Kitchener

I very seldom use Kitchener to finish sock toes, preferring to do a drawn up toe. On a couple of toes, however, I have used Russian bind off with a crochet hook to interlace the live stitches, tacking down the last one with the working yarn and finishing off the sock on the inside. A strong join and less troublesome [for me, anyhow].

I use a 3 needle bind off and

I use a 3 needle bind off and it does not cause any discomfort when wearing the socks.

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Nice looking work. Looking

Nice looking work. Looking forward to seeing the whole thing.

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Those look great.

Those look great.

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Very nice. I hope the 50 gram

Very nice. I hope the 50 gram ball is enough to finish the foot. What were you planning for the leg? Same color or a different one? I normally work top down but part of the fun is deciding how you want the finished sock to look, regardless of the knitting direction. I haven't used that toe shaping for quite some time but should consider it for a future design. Congratulations and enjoy your socks.

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Given how much stuff there is

Given how much stuff there is to keep track of I'm rather losing interest in this pattern. I wish I'd started with the Lifestyle Toe Up Socks - No Swatch Needed pattern or the Fleegle's Toe Up Socks pattern. I'll just do enough of the leg part to use up the rest of this gold yarn and call it a day for this sock.

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We do have to start with the

We do have to start with the basics, and move up. Start with walking first, then you can run!

I would agree that stocking stitch (how appropriate) is rather boring to knit, but you can dress it up on the leg with more ribbing, or introduce an odd number ribbing pattern, just to make it interesting.

And I would suggest getting some lucious wool to work with, in gorgeous colours to keep you interested. Also, some interesting patterns so you don't fall asleep!

Great start..... I see warm feet in your future!

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I can relate to losing

I can relate to losing interest. As I said on Ravelry - and here - I always encourage a simple pattern to learn the basics. Once you get comfortable, then you push the envelope. Still, I hope you enjoy sock knitting and continue to do so.

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Thanks. It's the Discovery

Thanks. It's the Discovery Sock, the one you do first in the book to figure it all out. So stockinette for the foot and then I'll do 1x1 ribbing for the leg

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I have been doing a 2x2

I have been doing a 2x2 ribbing for leg. Using a heavier worsted wool/acrylic using a US5 needle to make it tighter. I do a lot of hiking so I am hoping this will keep me nice and warm this winter.

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Outstanding!!! I am new to

Outstanding!!! I am new to sock knitting and have relied heavily on Cat Bordhi for pattern clarification. Well done! I haven't gotten her book yet. Which pattern is it. I am considering buying it. I like the toe shape.