Unusually shaped shawl

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I have been looking at this design for a long time, and because it is so unusually shaped, I had to try it.

I have a lot of yarn on cones, and chose this green to use for this shawl. The yarn is very fine, so I used it double. I think it has some wool content, but I don't have the label anymore. It blocked very nicely.

This starts out with 6 stitches, and then you increase on one side only, and finally pick up along that straight edge to do the border along the two sides. The pattern comes from a German site: http://tinyurl.com/o5c7al9. She also sells yarn that is appropriate for her designs (of course), and I think using one of the shaded yarns may have been better. It gets boring knitting with the solid colour! I also added a few more rows to the main body since it appeared it was going to be quite small with the finer yarn and smaller needles. It is a generous size right now, and even on a petite girl at work, it looks good. There are several different ways to wear it.

It was fun to knit, went very quickly (at first) but those last rows of lace took several movies to complete! (I was watching a lot of movies while knitting this one) I now have ideas for other projects similarly designed; I like this asymmetric look.

Attached is a pic of it drying on my "blocking wall" along with a detail of one edge.

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Again, another member here

Again, another member here with superhuman powers! Watching a movie and knitting at the same time. Egad! Double Yarn overs, wrong-side row decreases, stitch counts and symmetry elude me while "watching a movie." I am humbled...but cling to my Listening Only niche on the primate skill side. Great job!

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Great looking - what yarn did

Great looking - what yarn did you use? Whatever it was shows off the great stitch definition.

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I have no idea what the yarn

I have no idea what the yarn was. It was something I had for many years (you know how it is) and I know it had wool in it. I suspect there may have been a little acrylic in it, but it did block well.

The yarn is quite fine, perhaps a 2/22, so I used it double. They are slightly twisted together (one ball on top of the other trick) so that it held together better and didn't split for me while knitting. I still have a lot of the cone left, so there may have to be a companion piece later!

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Oh Wow! That is neat! I like

Oh Wow! That is neat! I like that! You did a great job, too!

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WOW! Beautiful work! Love the

WOW! Beautiful work! Love the color. Stunning!


I do like this too! I bet its

I do like this too! I bet its very easy to wear as well! I just finished a Stephen West shaw very simple design and I used my old sock yarns I had gradually accumulated wonderful way to use up old stuff to make new stuff.

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Beautiful work. Indeed a

Beautiful work. Indeed a different but attractive design.

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This is beyond beautiful.

This is beyond beautiful. I've got to try lace knitting!

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That is a very nice design.

That is a very nice design. The green suits it very well. Congratulations.