the joy of socks

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Well I just got back from SF Stompede dance convention with the ever wonderful Steve, aka Bug or "BUG-WUG" { my friend who was one of the ASL interpreters. Did I hand off my Sockwars socks to my victim who lived there? Of course not! I brought them back up to Portland with me and just stuck them in the mail. When I got home, I found out that I had been "Killed" by my NY assasin, and that her socks looked NOTHING like mine. Of course, I have to look at the pattern and figure out if I did something wrong. Although the socks I received have some obvious "BURPS" in the pattern, I love them. Very cool. I knit some obnoxiously colorful socks using the same pattern but taller and in a K3 P3 rib. Got one full sock done on the trip down and back (1 1/2hrs each way=3 hours total) much to the amazement of the flight crew and fellow passengers... I used to HATE FLYING, and now it is, OH BOY! Guilt free knitting time! "Look at me... I am so much more productive than you...playing solitaire on your laptop!"

Pictures to follow,


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Wish I'd known you were

Wish I'd known you were here... several of us from the list could have arranged to meet you...
and even two-step!


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I'm turning green here, for

I'm turning green here, for two reasons - one the thought of a nice trip flying somewhere...(I'm in a hinterland - it's about 1.5 hours to the "local" airport - exclusive of any time spent waiting for flights, checkin etc. makes it easier to drive anyplace within 4 or 5 hours)

and secondly - for the speed to be able to knit a sock in 3 hours!!!!!!

MMario - I don't live in the 21st Century - but I play a character who does.

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OK - the comment about guilt

OK - the comment about guilt free knitting time on airplanes cracked me up! thank you for making me laugh out loud (while at work, causing a coworker to ask what I was doing!) ... {oh nothing, just reading a knitting site instead of doing my work!} I love knitting on planes too! - just did on the trip to vegas this past weekend in fact - didn't get much done because the flight is only an hour... but it's definately something that I MUST have with me when I travel!-