About to begin illusion knitting

I haven't done any illusion knitting yet, and recently I've been itching to put a certain video game character around me neck, so I thought I would combine the two and make a scarf. My question is this: do I need to stretch the image I'll be working on one way or another so it looks right after being converted into shadow knitting?

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The trick is to start with a

The trick is to start with a graphed pattern for KNITTING, rather then crochet or cross-stitch. The ratio of stiches to rows is different for knitting where cross stich and crochet are clser to 1:1

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I'm plotting an illusion

I'm plotting an illusion scarf for a friend & have found that the picture needs to be squashed as it will stretch when knitted up. If the image is top-bottom it'll be longer, if it's side-side it'll be fatter. I think it will also depend on the image you're using.

I haven't done any illusion

I haven't done any illusion knitting, but I've seen patterns for it. For the ones I've seen, there hasn't been any stretching of the pattern, but they've been mostly geometric designs. I would think the main reason for this is that the illusion is knit stretched out anyway (4 rows for 1 row of the pattern) and since you have to look at an angle to see the pattern anyway, that they pretty much cancel each other out.

You can try knitting a swatch with a simplified pattern on it to A) get used to the technique and B) check and see if you need to stretch the pattern at all.

Just my $.02