Men's Retreat - Allenspark -2013

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What to say? A most memorable always.

Lots of fun times with a great group of fellows, enjoying the fine fiber and sights of the various places we visited in Colorado. Great food and accommodations at the Sunshine Mountain Lodge - our site for all of the Rocky Mountain Retreats. Cory and Cathy are the reason we juggle our schedule to fit theirs - they are very respectful of our needs and give us the time alone we need as a group to accomplish what we plan.

Meeting new faces and greeting old friends...always a Blessing. Especially when one new/old friend came all the way from Istanbul to finally meet me face-to-face and attend the Retreat, as well. That was a double Blessing - seeing Dave after 4+ years of talking through MWK. Words cannot describe what a wonderful experience that was. That truly was the highlight of this year's gathering - the time I was able to spend with him.

Traveling down with Quinton...a real treat, again. Even when I got us turned around in Fort Collins, trying to track down a business that turned out to be closed that day. Still, it gave us the opportunity to tour part of Old Town, visiting some of my favorite shops. And dining out at one of my favorite restaurants, then discovering two new ones that will also be favorites. Going down that extra day early was a great idea. I hope we can do it again.

Sadly, as usual, it was over too soon. But that gives rise to the anticipation of next year's event. Plus the juggling of schedules, etc. to be able to attend.

This only gives a bit of my impressions...trying to go further would fill several pages and still not be enough. Luckily, the happy memories will last a long, long time.


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I hope I can make it to one

I hope I can make it to one of these retreats one day!

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That would be a real treat

That would be a real treat for us, too!

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Glad you enjoyed yourself.

Glad you enjoyed yourself. Sure sounds like fun.

Joe-in Wyoming's picture is one of the is one of the highlights of the summer for me anymore.

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So glad that you had a good

So glad that you had a good time Joe! I look forward to attending one of these events, with all the good things I heard I can't help but have a good time!

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There is always a lot of

There is always a lot of activities, etc. planned to cater to almost everyone's choices. If nothing else, being in a space with all those other men who knit makes it all worthwhile.

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It was amazing. I'll be there

It was amazing. I'll be there next year!!!

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Indeed it was. I am already

Indeed it was. I am already trying to juggle my plans so I can attend the Retreat and go to the Family Reunion a few weekends later. I just hope my boss will go for it.