This is the Fiber Factor

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I'm sorry that I didn't include a link...LOL. It didn't occur to me until late last evening that I should have. It's a contest like American Idol for knitters and I'm finding it very interesting and I thought that you might too!
This is Challenge #1. They are now on challenge #2


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This is the link for

This is the link for Challenge #2

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Thank you for giving us that

Thank you for giving us that link!

...the competition is fascinating...but the production values are terrible! Some judges I can barely hear, and some are too loud. Interesting that knitters/judges of that quality haven't learned to present themselves very well.
I discovered there are "in-progress" I'm going to watch those...

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You are very welcome Bill! I

You are very welcome Bill! I just wanted someone else besides me to enjoy it! I find it thrilling to see what others are concocting in a months time! I mean from the moment that they receive the concept and then creating the design and then accomplishing the design and presenting it! I know what you mean about the production value. I think that as the contest grows and they gain more financing to produce it, it will gain more of a polish! I think that in presenting themselves, some people don't realize how important the way they present themselves is until they have to do it and find that they're not the best at it. High school and university gives classes, but who enjoys standing up front and giving oration? I think that shyness can cause us to shy away from a task like this one unless you know it's going to be part of your career, like a politician, an entertainer or an actor who "know they will be in front of people expected to present ideas. Yes! The "in progress" videos are good too. You get to hear the inspiration for their projects, their color ways, and what they will attempt to do! I'm glad that you are enjoying it too! :-) Have a great day Bill! and If I don't get to speak to you again... Have a Happy 4th of July! :-)

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You are very welcome! I was

You are very welcome! I was hoping some else would enjoy it as much as I am. The link can be hard to find sometime, but it's like following the bread crumbs! lol :-)

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Thanks for the heads up! This

Thanks for the heads up! This is really cool. Glad you shared it here.