If it's Labor Day this must be Michigan

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I driving to Michigan Labor Day weekend - and thought I'd see if I could meet up with some of the folks from over at M2K2 while I was at it....it's kinda taken on a life of its own now....

To quote the thread on Ravelry:

Cathy at Ewe to You Yarn in Grand Blanc has graciously allowed us to use her store to meet. She can seat up to 20 people and if more of us want to get together she tells me that the Mexican Restaurant has a larger meeting room next door that we can use.

Tentatively, we've started plans to go something like this:

10:00 a.m. to Noon -- Meet, Greet, and those wanting help starting a circular shawl will have it. (I'm sure there will be help throughout the day, but I thought we might plan specifically to talk about and work at starting our circular shawls and then have the rest of the day to get a good ways into them.)

Noon to 1 or 2ish: Lunch at the Mexican Restaurant next door.

2:00 p.m. to whenever: Mmario has agreed to have a Q & A and Discussion on shawl design and adaptation.

And we can go on as long as we want and have dinner somewhere…
I've revamped my "Shape of Shawls to Come" and the first two parts of my "Journey in Design" - also written the third section of Journey....
and If I don't post them beforehand will have at least one new shawl pattern

So if you are in that neck of the woods, that's where I will be on the Saturday. Sunday and Labor Day itself I'll be at the ren-faire in Holly.



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Have printed out "Shape of

Have printed out "Shape of Shawls to come" have printed out the first four parts of Journey, still have part five and the blank charts to print....

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If you are interested and

If you are interested and plan to attend please RSVP to dlauro@hereandabove.com



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Sounds like an Awesome Good

Sounds like an Awesome Good Time!

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Michigan will always be my

Michigan will always be my early childhood home. Wish I could attend. It sounds like lots of fun!

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I wish I did live in that

I wish I did live in that neck of the woods. Have fun and I'm sorry to be missing out.