Spinning It All Out Baby

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The Tour de Fleece starts this Saturday, and I had the goal of emptying all my bobbins to have them ready for the tour (9 4oz bobbins and 2 8oz jumbo bobbins). To do this I had to get this done:

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It's 220 yards 3.2oz of wonderfully soft 50/50 baby camel/silk in a sport weight yarn. It's just calling out for me to knit it into something to keep someone warm next to their skin. However, I must wait until after the tour to figure out what that will be.

Just had to show it off, since it will probably after the tour when I post again. Hope you all have a great couple of weeks. See some of you soon at the Rocky Mountain Retreat.


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Dude. You are completely


You are completely and totally off the hook knitwise. I don't know if anyone has mentioned this to you before but BRAVO!!

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Well thank you. I've been

Well thank you. I've been told that I am off my rocker, but not off the hook.

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Believe me, you are. And this

Believe me, you are. And this is to cast no aspersions whatsoever onto crocheters. I am a crocheter myself (albeit in a past life).

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Tour De Fleece! That sound

Tour De Fleece! That sound exciting! Beautiful Project and Yarn! :-)

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Thank you. It just started

Thank you. It just started today and I was able to get some spinning and hosting of the gathering at my house of our local Wyoming team members.

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I got a bit of spinning done in the heat of the day. Perhaps will do some more tonight. I am going to try my hand at beading the spinning again. Fingers crossed it goes better than last time.

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Wow, it looks great.

Wow, it looks great. Question, what do you use your handspun for? I started spinning a few months back and I have a few skeins ready from different color ways (mostly ranging from 200-400 yards in a light fingerling weight) and no idea what to use them for...

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Anything you want, it is

Anything you want, it is your's isn't it?!? I have done several projects with my own yarn and the more you use your yarn, the more you will understand about it and the better you will get at making yarn you want, not just spinning because you can.
From AKQGuy
I made this hat for my niece out of the very first 2 batches of yarn I spun. The red was dyed with black cherry Kool Aid.
From AKQGuy
This was maybe my 4th batch of homespun that I dyed with Jaquard acid dye. I ran out of the original and just made a contrasting blue since I knew I would never get the same color. You might be able to tell, my spinning got a little better.
From AKQGuy
This was my first single ply that I spun very fine out of jacobs wool. A lot of issues since I originally spun intending to ply it but then got worried about yardage. I learned a lesson or two there...
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This was a scarf for a friend that I really worked on being consistent knowing it was going into a basic 2 ply. I wanted yardage because I only had 4 oz of fiber so I spun it out fine and nice. I knew immediately when I saw this fiber what I wanted for it because it fit her personality so well.
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This one was a chain ply that when I spun it I did not know what I was going to end up doing with it. But when the colors ranged out I knew it wanted to make a little neck scarf for a friend who loves green. Again, I can see quite a bit of improvement in my yarns the more I use them since I know what I need to finish them off well.
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And this is my latest handspun finished item. It's a large wrap that I spun the yarn for into a three ply. It has it's looser spots but for consistently spinning 16oz of fiber for a project over 3 months, I think I did a pretty good job.
From AKQGuy
I still don't know what I will knit with my very first cable ply yarn, but it's itching at the back of my brain to be used.

So, my answer is, anything and if you have that much light fingering, play with something lacy and beautiful! Perhaps go shopping for some fiber with an idea of what you want to make,and spin to that idea in your head. I personally do both as you can kind of see. And most importantly, don't forget to show us pictures!

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Awesome thanks for the

Awesome thanks for the advise! I've found the idea of selecting projects for my handspun somewhat daunting. Knowing how much effort went into spinning it I would hate to see it go to waste in a project that doesn't show it off well or that I have enough yardage for. Although keep it on the shelf isn't doing it much justice either... I think I'll bite the bullet and knit up some lacy scarves or small shawls.
Thanks again!

PS. Nice pics! you do great work ;)

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Thank you. We can't wait to

Thank you. We can't wait to see what you create.

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Great job, Q. I look forward

Great job, Q. I look forward to seeing it in person.

And Mark - You will probably get your wish...both Quinton and I will have spinning with us at the retreat as we participate in the Tour de Fleece.

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Lovely workmanship! And

Lovely workmanship! And silk/cashmere would be so wonderful to spin, and to knit. Perfect for making an item for someone special! (yourself?)

I don't have much left in my stash now. My planned buying trip last week got rained out, and there doesn't appear to be another opportunity for some time. Although there is Fibre Week at Olds this week.... http://www.oldscollege.ca/programs/ContinuingEducation/fibreweek/index.htm

Have fun with your TdF!!

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Again, beautiful spinning!

Again, beautiful spinning! camel/silk sounds like it would be wonderful. How many skeins do you do at once? I wish I lived closer to you, I'd love to watch you do the spinning.


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Depends on the size of the

Depends on the size of the batch of fiber, but I normally only have one spinning project going at a time. So very unlike my knitting in that way.