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The recent jaywalker posts inspired me, so I looked through my stash and found a skein that had looked nice on the shelf but failed to inspire when I actually started knitting it. Now I realize all it needed was some zigzag to wake it up. :)

I made these for my mom. She has rather large feet for a lady so I made the second size with 82 stitches. Even with the reduced stretch, they went over my foot. That's okay as she has some mobility issues and really tight socks would be a bit difficult for her now. But she did love them!

I somehow managed to neglect getting a blocked photo of them and the light in the room was less than ideal, but you get the idea. :)

20130614_140237.jpg83.69 KB


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Beautiful! Inspired (and

Beautiful! Inspired (and inspiring) combination of yarn and pattern. Congratulations. Really nice job.

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Bob, I really like those zig

Bob, I really like those zig zag socks. They are very COOL looking. I'm picturing Alice In Wonderland zany cool.

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Gorgeous socks and the colors

Gorgeous socks and the colors just sing. I'm glad your mom enjoys them.

Kerry's picture

Great colours.

Great colours.

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The are COOL.

The are COOL.

I think that my socks were

I think that my socks were your inspiration and you certainly out-did me with your color WOW factor ! Beautiful !


I love the colors and

I love the colors and pattern. I love hand knitted socks!

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Great socks.

Great socks.

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Bob, Love'm. Super Cool!


Love'm. Super Cool! Great job.


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Brilliant! Over the past

Brilliant! Over the past year, I have nursed my wife and my mom through a month of rehab each. I wasn't brave enough to being socks yet, but now I've got a handle on it. Right now I am working on a pair that would have benefited nicely from the zig-zag pattern. Well done! Tell your mom she looks wonderful in them! They look so much more fun than slippers or those odd little things nursing homes give you.


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Wow. That pattern sure did

Wow. That pattern sure did give that yarn some pizazz. Very nice, hope she adores them.

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Awesome! The pattern works

Awesome! The pattern works very well with that yarn, indeed.

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Very nice! I like.

Very nice! I like.