Really Good Manly Socks !

I have been test knitting sock yarn for Ellen at Fiber Curio and Here is their latest offering: a wonderful 80% Cheviot, 20% mohair fingering that I knit into a pair of basic top down socks, with a partridge eye heel flap and round toe. The yarn is crisp and lustrous, a natural dark charcoal. It makes a very sturdy, manly sock that can be machine washed and wears well.

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Very nice looking socks. I

Very nice looking socks. I also use Eye of Partridge as I enjoy the pattern it makes in the heel flap.

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Those are some handsome

Those are some handsome socks. May they keep your toes toasty and comfortable for years to come. I need to finish knitting my last pair before next year... Job well done, Sir.

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What a great combination! I

What a great combination! I have been writing about Wool Connoirseurship on Ravelry. I will add this to my list of investigatory objectives. Kudos! They look terrific. I can't wait to get some knitting time with it.

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Great looking socks!

Great looking socks!