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Just finished a yoked sweater I made following Meg Swansen's recipe. I used Jamieson and Smith 2 ply Jumper Weight Shetland wool and 3.25mm needles. When Elizabeth Zimmermann said it was difficult not to add a colour pattern in the decreases, she was right and I used my "Traditional Fair Isle Knitting" by Sheila McGregor to add some interest. I love how their Shetland wool softens and blooms after a wash and block.

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Beautiful stitching. The

Beautiful stitching. The smaller needles really make it look great! The fair isle work is perfect for that type of sweater. Smartly done!

Is it all one piece knit in the round? I don't see any seams.


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Yes, it is a classic yoked

Yes, it is a classic yoked sweater - knitted in the round, joined at the sleeves, and then reduced 4 times to the collar.

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Very impressive. I'm just now

Very impressive. I'm just now starting my first sweater, and it's just a worsted weight raglan, nothing fancy.

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Good luck. I hope it keeps

Good luck. I hope it keeps you warm.

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The sweater looks super on

The sweater looks super on you Ron, and I like the colours you've chosen.

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Really superb. Sublime in

Really superb. Sublime in it's simplicity. Utterly elegant. Nice f@#*ing job, altogether! (As is usual, of course. Your recent socks are an inspiration too. So awesome, so masterfully knit. A real inspiration to someone just starting out with sock yarn.)

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That is a great looking

That is a great looking sweater, well done!

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Thanks for your kind

Thanks for your kind comments.

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Extremely nice, Ron.

Extremely nice, Ron. Congratulations.

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So nice! I love it!

So nice! I love it!

Beautiful job! Nice color

Beautiful job! Nice color choices and great workmanship. I also love the soft coziness of J & S Shetland after it has been washed.

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Looks so great....what a

Looks so great....what a cheery post

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This sweater is so cute it

This sweater is so cute it put an instant smile on my face and you look very dashing in it! :-)