I Am Finally Making A Shawl...

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for my daughter, Sarah. Sarah gets the medical supplies out to MSF and relief NGO's when the first reports come in of human suffering, deadly conflicts, atrocities and disease. I get heartsick when I read of people who have nothing to worry about except a cranky Iphone not getting a signal or the upload time on Tyfany-Amber's Roku is shorter...as if!!!!

First world problems are so challenging. Tears! I shed tears.

Anyway, she hits the big two-five this May. I found some gorgeous Great Adirondack Yarn Company Messing-Leopard lace yarn 70% kid mohair, 30% silk. This stuff scares me to death...I breathe too heavy and it blows away...LOL.

I am doing MMario's Queen Annes Lace shawl. I feel like the leather seamstress in that wonderful scene in the movie and broadway show Kinky Boots, slapping down screaming jungle red patent Italian kid leather for the first time on the bed of a SERIOUS industrial sewing machine - "Ok, boys and girls! I'm going IN!"

When I arrive at the end of this journey, I must block this new object. The cost of blocking wires was more scary than doing the deed...until I found....

Handmade but not Home Made Blocking Wires for Shawls and Lace, dirt cheap, safe to use, easily purchased in your town, not obvious---but you will love it...

I am so proud of her...but I worry about her. Luckily for me, she tells me AFTER she returns from West Aftrica, Asia or the latest cholera epidemic epicenter she just delivered stuff. I guess the apple did not fall far from the tree.


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I've seen your work, QAL

I've seen your work, QAL should be a breeze for you - after those stinking first couple of rounds....(circular starts are a b*tch regardless of how good you are)


I finished a scarf for a

I finished a scarf for a fellow church member. She just finished up her battle with skin cancer. I had some left over mohair and silk from previous scarf to use. I had no idea even what colour to use.
I agree its very hard to knit with and also equally hard to block. In reality I simply used large needles (10) to give it a really airier look(is that a word) I found that when I use larger needles on these types of yarns I don't need to block. It still gives you a bit of lace appeal and some pattern definition without the cost of blocking. I tell people I give them to simply wash p.r.n. I tried blocking one and I ended up with something strange. So do what you feel is best.
I call them my angel scarfs. They are light on you, and you almost have to have a pin to hold them down. But I like to think they remind me of angel wings on my shoulders. Looks deceive you with these. They may appear delicate and as you say "blow them away with heavy breathing" but they are very warm to have on your shoulders and around your neck.
When I gave it to my friend her eyes just lighted up! I guess it was her favorite colour as well. Thats why I give them. If even for a spilt second they feel good and need that time just to let go.

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Your delightful commentary

Your delightful commentary breathes evn more meaning into this labor of mine. As I work on it, your written images add greater impact to my planned surprise...for me. Thanks for sharing!

I love that pattern and I

I love that pattern and I look forward to seeing your finished work. A daughter with a heart that big deserves a wonderful gift.

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Thank you Christine. I have

Thank you Christine. I have had the written pattern for, well, as long as I have been on Menwhoknit...MMario premiered it here. I love the Fibonnacci/DaVinci series in the piece, and my daughter's favorite animal design is...the chambered nautilus. What could be a better match? If she can face warfare, earthquakes and pestilence, I can face a knitting pattern.

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Looking forward to seeing the

Looking forward to seeing the shawl when you finish it. Great tip on the bloking wires, too. Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks Joe. You always have a

Thanks Joe. You always have a good word...appreciate the vote of confidence.

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You're welcome. Even though

You're welcome. Even though you made me blush...damn humble modesty.

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