Starting a new sweater and having to rip :-(

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I am livid. Working on a new sweater, one that I wanted to do several years ago. The first time, I bought the yarn and they were two different shades, but I'd already knitted up the back and front when I saw it in a different light to my shock and dismay. Fast forward to today, I am trying to do the same sweater and I've never made so many mistakes in my life. I've never had to rip anything apart so many times in my life! Ugh! (While slightly laughing) I am constantly watching my work, yet I making mistakes and not seeing them until I've past it by 14 rows! Ugh Can anyone say exasperation? If it were stockinette it wouldn't be so hard, but it's a variation on garter stitch and has left me stumped. I took the line of stitches apart down to the stitch and trying to figure out how it fit back together was anybodies guess, so I ripped out all 14 row. Here I go again. :-S


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You are truly blessed, if

You are truly blessed, if that is your worst mistake. I think I probably make more mistakes than any other human, at least in knitting. Anything new, I have to start it over, and over and over again. But, I don't even know anyone else who knits, and like you have to figure it out all on my own. And, apparently, mistakes are how I learn. But at least I don't throw as many tantrums, anymore ;) I haven't thrown my knitting across the room in months.

I just started my first sweater the other day, and realized when the (top-down) collar was done, I didn't like the spacing on the short rows I used to shift the neck opening forward, and had to frog it all back and start over. Honestly, I'd be suspicious if I ever got something right the first time.

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I know you'd prefer to not

I know you'd prefer to not make mistakes...but think how much you are learning...having to really look at your knitting and figure out what went wrong is the best way to learn!

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I feel your pain! I think

I feel your pain! I think we've all been there. Have a glass of wine, rip it out, eat some chocolate, go out and do something naughty, then pick up the needles and begin again. Ah, the cycle of life...of a knitter and his garment. Best of luck!


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Thank You Mark.I did begin

Thank You Mark.I did begin again and I learned something new today. I knit it all again and made the same mistake again. I thought there has got to be a way to fix this and I've got to learn it, I'm not taking this all apart again. I opened a book I have called Knitting School and there it was. It's what I should have done the first time, but I let the frustration get the best of me. I knew how to fix stockinette stitch if it went wrong, but not garter, it seemed too confusing. It took some time and patience and stay calm and focused, but I did it! The Knitter and His Garment. That sounds like a book. :-)

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Hemingwayian, Fitxgeraldian,

Hemingwayian, Fitxgeraldian, or Kafkaesque...can't quite put my finger on the author, but definitely deconstructionist!

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LOL! Deconstruction to

LOL! Deconstruction to Reconstruction New York Built.... I am being humbled, disciplined and educated by yarn, needles, stitches and patterns and I'm kicking and screaming the whole way! Message being: "I'm not perfect, so get used to it, it's part of the process. And Focus, focus, focus. (Saying all of this while smiling and shaking my head and thinking ,"Oh boy!") LOL Thank the heavens for books, You tube, and All these knitter's that know more than I. Here's to developing a better sense of humor while in the throws of it, relaxing and breathing deeper. :-)

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Would you be knitting if you

Would you be knitting if you did not enjoy a certain amount of tediousness?

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There is a challenge and I

There is a challenge and I think it would be coo,l if I had a teacher right here with me guiding and directing. Sometimes alone I wonder will I get it. What I enjoy is when I've learned what was needed. I have to learn to enjoy the whole process, even when I must do it on my own.

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I get the idea that if your

I get the idea that if your life was a Disney feature, this would be the part when your guru would put his finger over your ribcage and say in his mystical voice, "I am always with you, right here..." And then he would vanish, leaving you to ponder his words. And you would rise to the occasion.

I joke, but I do think we learn things better when we have to make the mistakes ourselves. I believe it enough that I sometimes fantasize about teaching a class in which everyone does guided swatching and make a bunch of mistakes on purpose to see why we do things a certain way. That's not too marketable, though, so I've not pursued it.

I feel your pain. The funny thing is, I have some really great resources handy and don't use them nearly enough. Even that is a learning curve. And you're right; this forces you to enjoy the process. I always tell people that I learned to embrace the process while repeatedly taking hours to rip out hours of work on a lace blanket; at some point in the process I realized that even if I had not made any mistakes, I would still find something else to knit - so why should I worry if I'm using that time to reknit my current item.

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Not sure how I missed this

Not sure how I missed this one, but I really enjoyed it. That's exactly what I need "A Knitting Guru!" I'm in total agreement with everything you've said. I've got to be more accepting, focused & willing to do what must be done. I'm learning. This site is like a mirror for me and that's a good thing! Thank You WillyG! :-)

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Sorry to hear you had to rip

Sorry to hear you had to rip back. It's a big pain, but sometimes just can't be avoided. Glad to learn you won't give up, though. Better luck on the next go round.

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Hey Joe, It's funny that you

Hey Joe, It's funny that you mention not giving up, I'm working on it this very moment, only stopping to type this. Thank You. I'm learning to undo garter and put it together properly. Hope I don't have a re~lesson soon! LOL :-)

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I hope not, also.

I hope not, also.

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Thank You AKQ! I will. The

Thank You AKQ! I will. The sweater in question is from the very first pattern book I purchased. This sweater was the very reason I bought the book. Many of the books have one or two pattern for men except one of the few meant specifically for men and this was it. With that said, this sweater feels like it may be a few years overdue, so I will definitely keep working at it. :-)

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You mention that you had two

You mention that you had two different shades----- I have been in this situation and was solved by a hint given to me---- work with both balls of wool/yarn and work one row from one ball and the next from the other ball--- etc etc doing this the difference in shade is virtually indistinguishable. The two different shades will blend in! Have fun !!

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That sound like a great idea.

That sound like a great idea. Though that was several years ago and I've since then learned about lots # and such, If that happens again this seems like a great solution. I have to say, I freaked out then, but I can laugh about it now! As for the sweater now, I will let it rest for a day or two, work on another project and come back to it. Thank you for your idea. :-)

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Gee, that's sounds like me

Gee, that's sounds like me and a sweater I just put away unfinished.'ll get it; perseverence wins overall. Say bad words, sometimes it helps.
I hear it's called "frogging" it ripit ripit...!

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ROTFLMBO!!!! Rip it! Rip it!

ROTFLMBO!!!! Rip it! Rip it! Rip! I never realized that was why they called it frogging! I saw that on Ravelry and thought,"What on earth is that?" Looked it up online, but I like you're explanation better! I think I may have said a few bad ones, but now realize this project calls for more concentration on counting, patience and discipline which I must develop. (Smile) I'll let it chill for a day or so and then attempt is again. I have a better outlook on it a day later. LOL

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Good luck and keep trying.

Good luck and keep trying.

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Hi AKQ, I know that I've

Hi AKQ, I know that I've replied to you, somehow it seems to have disappeared. Anyway, Thank You for the Good Luck, I did keep working at it and I got it! Thank You again.