Charts and Barbara Walker

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Hello Gentlemen;
I enjoy the challenge of knitting lace. I much much prefer to do it from charts. I find written instruction not to be my thing. I also love many of the lace patterns collected by Barabara Walker, especially in her first two collections. Does anyone know if there is a collection of these patterns that have been charted -- a book, a site, a group, a DVD?
Theoretically, I could do it myself, but frankly, I don't want to, and why reinvent the wheel?. LOL
My second question is somewhat related. I am interested in getting some good knit pattern writing software. YOu know, the kind where you write something and it automatically creates a chart and vice versa. I have heard of such things, and have seen a couple advertised but which is the best (and not too difficult to use for my non-technical brain)?
If any of you guys can point me toward answers for these 2 question (or one of them) I would be grateful.


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I just chart things up with

I just chart things up with excel - but I know there is at least one if not more projects out there that have been charting and making samples of all the walker stitches....I just can't remember what it's called or where I ran across it.

I do remember you had to join to actually see the stuff.

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Here's more...

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Happy knitting!

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I have Intwined Studio ...I

I have Intwined Studio ...I think it was only $42.
It writes and charts at the same time, easy to learn, has good training videos.