Metallic yarn


Hey guys I got some metallic yarn at discount place. Its really neat. Simmers like diamonds. I have one in a dark black and one in light colour. The other is more copper, not much sparkle. I have been brain storming what to do with them. I thought the black would make a great net wrap. However its rather ruff (even for my my mans skin) I would be great for a art piece as well. Has anyone worked with metallic threads? Give me a few ideas.


I use a lot of sparkle with

I use a lot of sparkle with plain yarns and make berets. You only have to use the metallic on the top third and this way it won't irritate your forehead.

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I use metallics a lot.

I use metallics a lot. ...usually combining them with other yarns. If what you have is a yarn with a strand of lurex wrapped around it, it may be OK by itself. I usually use finer lurex or wovens added to several other lace weight yarns...just to get a glimmer of sparkle.
I've knitted vests using the metallic for a stripe, ...scarves with metallic added,...a sweater for my grandson, because he loves glitz... long as you're not afraid of wearing a sparkly yarn...anything goes!

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Never have worked with

Never have worked with metallic yarn, but I'm excited to see what your going to do with it!

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Wrap a few winds around a

Wrap a few winds around a flat piece of cardboard, either alone or with a few wraps of another yarn you choose to accompany said yarn. Mix it up, or go with stripes, whatever. That experience alone should give you lots of info.

Got a good combo? Knit up a swatch. Nothing grand, but pay attention to what happens to you, the knitter, and said yarn. More good info.

Finally, get two mirrors at right angles, put the swatch between and the illusion of an expanse of the fabric now lies before your eyes.

At any point you have a discovery moment, suit up and knit, or run for the hills. Makes it easier to say yes or no, in my humble opinion.